What next after the Lock down?

The last few months have been turmoil for countries and people across the globe. No country escaped the wrath of COVID’19. Few countries suffered less and few were left wanting for the preparations. The world appreciated India for its’ fight against the virus. The credit for this has to be given to all the Governments across. Few State Governments were exemplary and few could have done better, but as a whole we got to give it to them to prevent the country from going into a catastrophic calamity. The credit also goes to everyone who has helped in the fight, be it front line medical workers, the police, the sanitation workers and so on. Now we safely can say that we as a country have fought it well.

Does this now mean, we can be back to our olden ways? The answer is a Big No..The next question then would be why the different Governments are opening up various districts all through. To understand this, we definitely need to know why the government went for a lock down in the beginning.

As we know, the only prevention for COVID-19 was social distancing and nothing else, though the great news is that many agencies are researching for a vaccine and each is in a different stage of trials. This had prompted the Government to go for a complete lock down as otherwise we would have ended up worse than US purely for the population that we have. This Lock down ensured people stayed inside and that went a long way in reducing the infection rate curve. The social distancing was implemented mostly everywhere, the awareness created and the infections didn’t rise as feared. Now with better testing rates, better tracking, better awareness and definitely improved coordination with various departments we definitely can say that we have reduced the curve.

In the course of fight against the virus, the one thing that hit the worst was the economy. The economy as such was struggling to stay afloat and the lock down just made the struggle worse. It was like the power switch of the entire country was switched off or in other words the mother earth just wanted a vacation from all the hustling activities. All the factories were lift licking the wounds cause of the inventory, the IT companies ran all around trying to enable Work from Home of this magnitude, the small shops and business faced huge challenges to survive. The migrant labourers who otherwise keep‘s the countries night lamp burning suddenly found themselves jobless.  The entire economic activities just came to a standstill.

This unprecedented scenario has prompted a calibrated response from various quarters of power. The industries are now allowed to open with strict norms, modes of transport are slowly starting to chug again. The governments on their part are definitely doing the best to their abilities.

What next? Well we as responsible citizens ensure that we continue the fight against the virus. We need to ensure social distancing for few more months minimum. Ensure to wear masks, take immunity booster medicines prescribed by the Government, maintain hygiene at home and also when outside. These precautions are not for the sake of Government but for one’s own sake as you never know when you can turn to be a spreader of the disease.

Praying for stronger and brighter future.

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