Master Movie – Is this based on Big Brother Movie?

If you seen Donnie Yen’s 2018 movie “Big brother”,you would definitely guess the plot line of our actors Vijay and Vijay Sethuupathy’s movie “Master”.Donnie Yen is a popular Chinese actor-producer-stunt choreographer who is famous for his role as Ip-man in the Ip-man movie franchise.In the Big brother movie,Donnie yen plays a role of war veteran who returns back to his Alma-mater school to teach bunch of troublemaker teens.He also come toe-to-toe with childhood friend who has turned into a local crime-boss(whom hero is unaware of).As an unconventional teacher,the Big brother(Donnie Yen) teaches the teens both inside and outside the school.He gets into trouble with the school management both for his teaching technique and for his fight with local mob while helping one of troubled kid. Meanwhile the teachers and students of the school comes to know about the hero’s military bravado and gets more attached to him.The Students also comes to know about the troubled past of our hero.In the climax ,our hero has a face-off with his childhood friend-turned-present enemy and come to know that he was the reason for his friend’s path to gangster-ism.Our hero gives a heartfelt apology for his action and asks for his friend’s forgiveness.

In Tamil version of the Big brother or in the movie “Master”, Vijay takes the mandate of Donnie Yen’s character(protagonist) and Vijay Sethupathy plays the role of friend-turned-enemy (antagonist).It will be really a emotion-packed action drama movie.As a fan of story-based character-building movies,i am very excited to see how our “Master” will preform in big screens.

Hope the situation of covid-19 virus pandemic gets under control and bring normal life back for everybody around the country and the globe. This is purely my assumptions.

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