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This is your much-loved blogger Guru back with another article, this time on the language front…

So people who know me really close will know the story of how bad I was at English in my childhood and they will also know that I have improved a lot and still there is a long way for me to become a regular user.

Earlier today, I was speaking to a friend of mine who is fluent and grammatically sound (He was named oxford by his own teammates), we had a light chat and stumbled upon a few words by other colleagues which showed a lot of Indianism and verbosity (Readers Mind voice: Yeah you’re one to tell this huh? IDJIT!!!).

How do we as a native Indians become a fluent speaker and compete the Native English speakers??

“Improve on your Vocabulary” Sounds Easy but it isn’t right??  

To help you through these tough times, Guru to the rescue, here I mention a few words that have an impact on your language and confidence level during the speech.

Note: These are not replacements but are actual words that can be used.

Also, Note: These are not the only words available.

  1. Very angry —> Furious


Joey: “Dude, I was So Very angry at Ross for ratting me out to my boss”

Chandler (The grammar/Vocab Nazi :P): “Joey, Emotionally Nothing wrong, you could sound better had you used Furious”

Joey: “What??”

Chandler: You could’ve said “Dude, I was furious at Ross for ratting me out”

Joey: “Chandler, Get out of here!”

  • Very beautiful —> Dazzling/Lovely/Gorgeous

Joey to his Crush: “Hey, how you doing?? You look very beautiful today.”

Crush: (Stares & feels like joey is harassing her….)

Guru: not getting the girl to respond huh Joey!!, Try using Dazzling/gorgeous…

Joey: What?? No! ..you try and get slapped… I’ll then swoop in and save her from you…

Guru to Joey’s Crush: “Hey, how you doing?? You’re gorgeous today!!”

Joeys Crush: “Oh My god… Thanks. here…” (winks at me and gives her number to me)

Guru Rocks, Joey’s Shocked…

(Guru, The Blogger who is not in this example, cries in a corner because reality is harsh & no girl gives him her number before blocking first. Anyhow)

The Matter with the Verbosity/Copy Communication occurs when we mentally translate the sentence from our language of comfort (for most this is their mother tongue) to English.

Similarly, we’ve researched a lot to compile the below set of most used VERY’s/TOO’s from Oxford Dictionary/Merriam-Webster.com/Life Hackers/English Hackers etc.., for your benefit.

Very BigHuge
Very HugeMassive/ Huge (Stands good for all sizes)
Very BoringDull/ Dreary
Very DullTedious
Very NoisyDeafening/ Noisy
Very SeriousGrim/ Grave
Very/ So SorryApologetic/ Remorseful/ Sorry
Very ThirstyParched/ Thirsting
Very SimpleStraightforward/ Basic/ Simple
Very PerfectFlawless/ Impeccable
Very/Too TiredExhausted/ Beat/ Fatigued
Very/Too TalentedGifted/ Skilled/ Capable
Very SpecialExceptional/Extraordinary
Very/Too TastyDelicious
Too/ So SweetThoughtful/ selfless
Very WillingEager/ Enthusiastic
Very WindyGusty/ Stormy/ Blustery
Very SureCertain/ Sure
Very/Too WorriedDistressed
Very/Too FriendlyWelcoming/ Amiable
Very ExcitedThrilled
Very FancyLavish/ Rich
Very AfraidFearful/ Frightened/ Terrified/ Scared
Very GladPleased/ Grateful/ Overjoyed
Very GoodExcellent/ Nice/ Wonderful/ Marvelous
Very CreativeInnovative/ Inventive
Very ConfusedPuzzled/ Bewildered
Very/ Too SlowSluggish
Very DirtyFilthy/ Grimy
Very CleanSpotless
Very/Too RichWealthy/ Well-to-do
Very FunnyHilarious
Very/ Too CarefulCautious/ Watchful
Very ClearObvious/ palpable
Very DifficultArduous/ Demanding

Give us your version of Very’s/Too’s you’ve heard at your workplace/ College or even in a public transport in the comments section below…

Thanks you so much for reading it hope this helps you at some point in life!!

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