How to make Sothi Kulambo.

How to make Sothi Kulambu

How to make Sothi Kulambo or Sothi Curry:

“Vegetables,Herbs and spices.If you can combine those ingredients,that would be the best dish you’d ever cook!” – Rinrin Marinka

Sothi Kulambo is a south Indian curry variety which is filled with vegetables and coconut milk. The dish is more prevalent in the Thirunelveli district of Tamil nadu,India. A healthy vegan dish, a must favorite one for all vegetarians. In this blog, we look at how to make Sothi Kulambo or Sothi Curry.

1.Coconut milk -Thick1 cup
2.Coconut milk -Thin2 cup
7.Garlic cloves5
8.Onions (small)10
9.Green chilly4
10.Curry leavesAs required
11.Coriander leavesAs required
12.Moong dal100g
13.Crushed ginger garlic1tsp
14.Coconut oilAs required
15.SaltAs required

Tit Bits on Sothi kulambo:

“Food is a medicine if taken in right quantities. Anything more becomes slow poison.”- Aarth.

  1. Coconut milk  :Take some grated coconut, grind it by adding water and filter the juice to get the thick coconut milk .Filter the remains again to get the thin coconut milk.   Coconut milk contains high amount of calories & fat. Thus consuming high quantity of coconut milk to lead to weight gain and give digestive problem to some.
  • Ginger :A best home remedy for common cold and cough which should always have a place in our home. The regular consumption or intake of ginger is said to create good physiological(body) and psychological(mind) effects on pregnant women. Helps in reducing the nausea and mood swings.
  • Garlic :”Garlic is as good as ten mothers”-Les blank. The oldest cultivated crop in the world which is believed to ward off bad spirits in many ancient civilizations such as Egyptians, Indus and Mayan. Garlic in right quantity(0.1 or 0.25g/body weight) boost blood circulation to sexual organs and strength it against infections. It also decreases the cholesterol level in blood and helps in widening blood vessel which reduces arterial pressure.

“Vegetables are like medicines ,you may not like the taste but there are good for your health” – Aarth

Note for quote: Now-a-days multi-favoured medicines are also available which tastes much better than yester-year’s sweets.

Step :1

  1. Wash the 100gms of moong dal with water.
  2. Add 2tsp of salt to the soaked moong dal and allow it boil for 3 whistle in pressure cooker.
  3. After 3whistle ,release the pressure from pressure cooker and mash the boiled moong dal with a masher.
  4. Keep the mashed moong dal aside.

Step :2

  1. Add little coconut oil to a medium heated pan.
  2. Then add crushed ginger garlic to heated coconut oil and saute it till the freshness gets removed. 
  3. Now add long sliced green chillies, small onions and garlic gloves.
  4. Saute the above ingredients well.
  5. After 5mins,add the curry leaves and all the chopped vegetables(carrots, potatoes, beans and drumsticks).
  6. When the vegetables get boiled partly (half),add the 2 cups of thin coconut milk.
  7. Close the lid on the pan and allow the ingredients to boil for 10 more minutes.
  8. After 10minutes,keep the stove in sim and add 1 cup of thick coconut milk.
  9. Now after 3minutes ,add coriander leaves and switch off the stove.

A healthy vegetarian special dish Sothi Kulambo from Thirunelveli district of Tamil nadu is ready to boast your immune system against all unhealthy germs and viruses.

Choose :”Be healthy by eating fruits, vegetables and healthy meat” or “ Be obese by eating junk foods filled unhealthy oils and masala(s) “

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