Coconut Milk Kozhukattai.


A sweet and popular South Indian dumplings made using rice flour,jaggery and grated coconut .The delicious dish is said to be originated from the place Karaikudi in the state of Tamil Nadu.Kerala,a land filled with coconut is also famous for the dish with different stuffing done into the dumplings. Dropping the small sweet dumpling into our mouth and crushing the balls with teeth & tongue, is a divine experience .It should never to hurried or done in haste. The best way to appreciate the cook and the dish is to take our time to enjoy the dish. Taste the essence of each ingredients put into the dish and make our taste buds happy along with the cook.

1.Coconut Milk (Thick)100 ml
2.Coconut Milk (Thin)250 ml
3.Rice Flour1 cup + 2tbsp
4Jaggery1 cup
5.Grated Coconut3 tbsp
6.Salt3 pinch
7.Ghee1 tsp
8.Dry gingerSmall piece

Healthy titbits on Ingredients:

  1. Coconut: It is rich in magnesium, copper, iron and selenium. Magnesium helps in bone health and body metabolism. Copper and iron helps in formation of red blood cell counts. Selenium which is an important antioxidant that helps in cell protection.
  2. Dry Ginger: It is a very important in improving digestion and thus helps in maintaining our body weight. It also helps in lowering cholesterol, body sugar, morning sickness and stomach inflammation.
  3. Cardamom: An important antioxidant which helps in preventing chronic diseases and digestive problems. It is also used to treat cavities, bad breath and other bacterial infections.



  1. Take 1cup Rice flour in a utensil.
  2. Add salt and ghee.
  3. Mix it well.
  4. Add lukewarm water to the mixture and make it into soft dough.
  5. Make dough into small sized balls.


  1. Take jaggery in a utensil and add water in it.
  2. Heat it till the jaggery dissolves completely.


  1. Heat 400ml water and 250ml thin coconut milk in a pan till bubbles comes out.
  2. Drop the small sized balls (Step1) and allow it cook for 10-15 minutes by closing the pan with lid.
  3. Mix 2 tbsp of rice flour in water without lumps and add with the above mixture.
  4. After 5 minutes, add filtered jaggery syrup.
  5. Add powdered dry ginger and cardamom .
  6. Add grated coconut to the mixture.
  7. Give a mix and switch off the stove.

Tasty yummy coconut milk kozhukattai Ready.

Appreciate the cook and cooking. Live a happy and long life (harder to say but best wishes to all).

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