Why the industry 4.0 is hell bent on using AI/ML?

So, before we begin what Artificial intelligence is, I would like to tell you a few snippets of news that make us wonder, wow can this …actually…be done?

It’s Data Science all the Way ….

(T-60) Hello Readers, You’re favourite author Guru along with team ARHAATHS back with another new informative article on the latest technology  that’s heavily in demand in terms of workforce. Also, are you wondering what the T-Minus is all about?? DON’T exhaust yourself… Read along for more information on what rocket is all about from theContinue reading “It’s Data Science all the Way ….”

Wax3D Printing Revolution in Investment Casting

Fourth largest sector in the country, the Indian Automotive Industry is on the upswing and all big producers are relocating their manufacturing in India to be near the upcoming biggest consumer markets. Currently, India is the world’s third-largest Casting producer. This will further open more opportunities for castings and forging industries both for domestic productionContinue reading “Wax3D Printing Revolution in Investment Casting”