The Ordeal!!!

What if you heard noises inside your house in darkness but could not see from where it is…

“I Don’t Want to Wish”!!!

“I did it .I wished him to stop beating the girl and mother forever.I think he is dead because of me”-saying these Shakthi was crying her heart out looking at me. Two week before… “I don’t wish.I don’t know how to wish.” She said it again today.Well that’s my close and best friend Shakthi tellingContinue reading ““I Don’t Want to Wish”!!!”

The Scream of Silence –

Episode 1 : “Make your last wish…. Hahahah…You bloody!!Now I’m your god! , say! , what’s your last wish?!  Say now, sayyyyy!!! ” Michael Shouted at vinay who has been brutally beaten and tied in the chair. “Whom You said? ” Vinay asked with all the pain. “Didn’t you hear?. I siad… I’m your god” Continue reading “The Scream of Silence –”


“Anne oru tea! ” A man ordered. ”macha apo enaku? ” His friend asked. “Unaku theriyatha macha, oruthanuku oru-tea(oruthi) dhan namma kalacharam” He kidded. **His friend having  a mindvoice” Kasu ilanu epdi samalikuran” and staring at him in anger**  “Anne enakum oru tea” His friend ordered. “Thambi, ungaluku oru-tea(oruthi) , ungaluku oru-tea (oruthi), eduthunkonga, kadaisilaContinue reading “Uni-TEA(unity)”