Chocolate Cup Cake – A homemade Recipe…..

Chocolate – People drool over this word. People of all ages love chocolate and it is available in different forms. Chocolate Cakes are a rage.

Oreo Milkshake – A must for the summer!!

How to make tasty Oreo Milkshake in home? Ingredients: 1.Milk : 200ml 2.Oreo Biscuits : 4nos 3.Sugar : 2tbsp 4.Coco powder : 1tbsp 5.Chocolate syrup : 1tbsp 6.Ice (if required) Steps: i)Blend the mixture of milk,Oreo biscuits,sugar and coco powder in the juicer. ii)Decorate the glass with chocolate syrup along the corners and then pourContinue reading “Oreo Milkshake – A must for the summer!!”

Carrot Rice – It is Carrot all the way!

Food Category: Lunch/Dinner Name of the ITEM: Carrot Rice Time to prepare: 30 minutes – 45 Minutes Cooking Level: Intermediate Ingredients :  1. Boiled Rice: 1 cup (or as per no. of servings)  2. Urid Dhal: 2 tbsp 3. Red Chilly: 3-4 4. Grated Coconut: 3-4 tbsp 5. Cinnamon: 1 small 6. Cardamom: 2-3 7.Continue reading “Carrot Rice – It is Carrot all the way!”