21 Financial mistakes everyone should be aware of.

Mistakes are part and parcel of human life. Hating or shying it away will not do any good to us. Making mistakes, learning from it and moving on ,is one better way to live our life. We are bound to pay for mistakes we make. Running away or blaming others would not cut the consequence of our mistakes.

What Does Saving Money Means?

What does saving money means? The concept of saving is a very important part of our personal financial planning and helps us achieve the financial freedom that we dream. Saving money means that you find ways to pay less money when you shop and also paying the best price for the things you want to buy and deciding not toContinue reading “What Does Saving Money Means?”

Day jobs of Fathers of the World nations!

Part 1 Day jobs are lifelines of many people .They fill our day with some purpose which may or may not serve our own purpose but we tend to attend it on any cause. If we are going to spend our valuable time in a job ,either we have to accept it or excited toContinue reading “Day jobs of Fathers of the World nations!”

SMART Financial Goal Setting.

Goal setting is a very important thing for a successful personal and professional life. Moving on in life without any clear direction and living the day with by just instinct is not going to help us in getting what we want in life. The importance of goal setting can not only be justified by the sheer amount literary work done on the topic but also by the results it produce. Likewise, Financial Goal Setting is even more important. In this blog, we explain the SMART Financial Goal Setting method in detail.

Good And Bad Expenses.

Our spending has the ability to build or destroy our life and our hard earned money.The income stream(s) we have or created should always be enough for our expenses.To have a strong hold on our expenses,we must define and understand it clearly.A simple way of defining our expenses is to name it as Good andContinue reading “Good And Bad Expenses.”