Our Personal Finance is Inevitable.

Our personal finance is a story of our mind and money. It should be about how our protagonist “mind” wins over his girl “money” against all odds and challenges. Our mind behaves as Disney’s Cinderella and money as her glass sandal.

Good And Bad Expenses.

Our spending has the ability to build or destroy our life and our hard earned money.The income stream(s) we have or created should always be enough for our expenses.To have a strong hold on our expenses,we must define and understand it clearly.A simple way of defining our expenses is to name it as Good andContinue reading “Good And Bad Expenses.”

Financial Planning – A blueprint for your second half of life.

An apartment in a town ship with the balcony facing the play area, you on a coffee sitting opposite to your loved ones, thinking about how the life has transpired. Glowing bright with satisfaction of thought that well we are ready to face any eventualities even though both are retired. Well many would die forContinue reading “Financial Planning – A blueprint for your second half of life.”