We are Racist too!!!

Why everything white is considered good and beautiful? Why everything black is considered bad and ugly? I recently watched a video of young Muhammed Ali’s interview on “Why everything is white?” Muhammed Ali, as a child was curious about why everything and everybody are White starting from Jesus to angels, Miss World to Snow White,Continue reading “We are Racist too!!!”

Every Life Matters!!

Don’t carry it with you. Don’t pass it or share it with others. Leave it as soon as possible. Take it with you when you die. It kills more lives than cancer. It kills you from inside. There is enough of it to kill two more generations. So please don’t give it next generations.                            Continue reading “Every Life Matters!!”

Master Movie – Is this based on Big Brother Movie?

If you seen Donnie Yen’s 2018 movie “Big brother”,you would definitely guess the plot line of our actors Vijay and Vijay Sethuupathy’s movie “Master”.Donnie Yen is a popular Chinese actor-producer-stunt choreographer who is famous for his role as Ip-man in the Ip-man movie franchise.In the Big brother movie,Donnie yen plays a role of war veteranContinue reading “Master Movie – Is this based on Big Brother Movie?”

Data Protection Bill – What is in store for you? A layman’s point…

What’s up folks, How is it going ??Hope you are all doing a wonderful in your everyday lives, this is Guru, Your favourite blogger, with some exciting information for you!!!! Let me warm you up first, do you have internet? How DUMB are you, Guru?? I’m sure plenty but that’s not the point in articleContinue reading “Data Protection Bill – What is in store for you? A layman’s point…”