How to make Sothi Kulambo.

Sothi Kulambo is a south Indian curry variety which is filled with vegetables and coconut milk. The dish is more prevalent in the Thirunelveli district of Tamil nadu,India. A healthy vegan dish, a must favorite one for all vegetarians. In this blog, we look at how to make Sothi Kulambo or Sothi Curry.

Coconut Milk Kozhukattai.

A sweet and popular South Indian dumplings made using rice flour,jaggery and grated coconut .The delicious dish is said to be originated from the place Karaikudi in the state of Tamil Nadu.Kerala,a land filled with coconut is also famous for the dish with different stuffing done into the dumplings. Dropping the small sweet dumpling into our mouth and crushing the balls with teeth & tongue, is a divine experience .

Pepper Rasam/Milagu Thippili Rasam

” Happiness is eating rasam with dal “-Unknown foodie saint. Pepper rasam or Melaghu thippili rasam ,a common household dish of south indian states.The history of rasam dates back to 15th century ,the period of pandya kings who ruled over present-day Madurai regions.A bowl of hot rasam is steamed in every household of Tamil nadu, keralaContinue reading “Pepper Rasam/Milagu Thippili Rasam”