All Lives Matter at the End!!

Hate is a strong emotion that people carry all around. Hate causes people to react in unimaginable ways. At the end, we should remember that all lives matter.

Time is God!!

“Time is God and it is not compassionate”–Adam. If you are fan of Game of Thrones and Stranger things, then you got your next binge watching series from Germany. ”Dark” – A German science fictional thriller web television series which focus on time-travel and emotional struggles of a group of families involved in this mind-bending emotional roller-coaster.Continue reading “Time is God!!”

Perfection and Balance!!

“Perfection is a myth”.Perfection can become a curse too.Like any other myth ,man’s wild imagination fills the cup with his longings and fear.A perfect society is a mythical place where there are well defined laws and unshakable order exist.Your thoughts are assorted,dreams arranged,words censored,actions filtered and silence accepted.Your walk and talk are observed.Your dress measured.YouContinue reading “Perfection and Balance!!”