Time is God!!


“Time is God and it is not compassionate”Adam.

If you are fan of Game of Thrones and Stranger things, then you got your next binge watching series from Germany. ”Dark” – A German science fictional thriller web television series which focus on time-travel and emotional struggles of a group of families involved in this mind-bending emotional roller-coaster. They say “Time and Tide wait for none” but what if time is just an imaginary invention of mankind to make sense of his existence. Have you ever questioned why some have good times and others don’t? Yes you may have also heard people say “I don’t have time for this and that” or you may have said the same words yourself. Ever wondered what is time and why so much hype around it. According to established science, it is unit created by man to measure time. So what does that mean? It means man invented time to measure time with his limited but yet untapped knowledge under this vast universe.

In this show “Dark”, these kinds of scientific, philosophical questions/thoughts are asked by the characters ,who try to get grasp of their reality .Some of these questions will definitely instigate viewer’s innate longing to understand their existence and get curious about the all-powerful eternal element called “Time”. “Time is an evil thing that destroys everything on its path”, said the Italian renaissance artist scientist Leonardo da Vinci. Albert Einstein who published his theory of relativity in the German physics journal Annalen der Physick (1905), defined “Time and Space as relative” rather than absolute as previously believed.

“Time is always with you. You carry it with you and it carries you with it. It sees everything you do, listen to everything you say.”- Adult Noah to young Helge. We believe that we carry time with us but ironically it seems the case is reverse. Time carries moves and pushes us toward our inevitable death. We also believe no one sees us and listens to us except the higher power (for believers).Even for non-believers of any higher power, must realize the power of time. Maybe the higher power is Time itself.

Have you heard of Master Zhuang’s Paradox?-asked Nurse to Mikkel. For which Mikkel replies no .Then she starts to recites the poem to Mikkel,

”I dreamt I was a butterfly. Now I’ve woken up and no longer know if I’m a person who dreamed he’s a butterfly or I’m the butterfly who dreaming it’s a person”. For a long time, Man has been trying to figure out whom really is he? Scientist has classified us as Mammals (biologically), more specifically culture bearing primate called Homo-Sapiens. Philosophers have defined their own opinions of us: Dust from earth, Rope stretched between the animal and the superman, Creature of reason, a thinking Reed and physical manifestation of basic Oneness. We are not satisfied with simple answers like social animal or thinking ape but want complicated confusing answers. Maybe we are Gods born in human flesh with animal instincts and trying to reach the state of God again.

“He that has eyes to see and ears to hear,

May convince him that no moral can keep a secret.

If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips

Betrayal oozes out of him at every pores “

-Letter to Clausen by unknown friend.

If you have heard of Gospel of Judas, then you may not think Judas as Jesus’s betrayer but his most favored beloved disciple. According to this Gospel, Jesus asked Judas to betray him so that he can leave his physical body and fulfill his father’s mission of saving humanity from darkness. Humans are portrayed as embodiment of betrayal from dawn of his creation. By myth of Abrahamic belief, Adam betrayed God’s trust by eating the forbidden fruit and was thrown out of garden of Eden along Eve. Brutus betrayed Julius caeser fearing the latter will become complete monarch. There are great many betrayals in real world and also our favourite fictional worlds. Betrayal of James Potter and Sirius black by their trusted friend Pettigrew. George R.R Martin’s epic fantasy novels” A Song of Ice and Fire” and its television adaptation “Game of thrones ” is filled with betrayals. One of the most significant betrayals in Indian history that lead to English East Company’s and later England’s dominion over India for around 200 years was the betrayal of Mir Jafar to his king/Nawab Sira-ud-Dowla of Oudh.

Betrayal exist not only in history books and fictional stories, it exist in our day-to-day life too. Spouses betray each other’s trust by indulging in extramarital affairs, Friends betray each other by cheating with their girlfriend/boyfriend, Partners betray each other by stealing money, Family members betray each other by badmouthing and finally individuals betray themselves of their true self in life.

Some of other memorable lines from the series Dark are:

  • Death is inevitable. We are born with a clock over our head indicating our time of death.-Adam
  • Not only the past influence the future but the future also influence the past-H.G.Tannhaus
  • A man lives three lives. The first one ends with the loss of naivete, the second with the loss of innocence and the third with the loss of life itself – Adam
  • Scars can sense everything. They can see into future – Katherine

We definitely recommend you to watch the series and take away with you the essence of darkness of our existence. If you have watched the series, we like you to post your thoughts on the series and the article in the comment box below.

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