Are we forgetting the art of writing? Is Writing using pen becoming extinct?


“He dipped the pen into the ink and then faltered for just a second.A tremor had gone through his bowels.To mark the paper was the decisive act.In small clumsy letters he wrote:

April 4th 1984  “.

These lines describe the feeling of protagonist Winston in the novel “1984” while trying to write using an ink pen on a notebook.It might seem trivial to us but to Winston ,writing meant punishable by death or 25 years of forced labour camp if he is detected of writing.This is not a book/novel review of “1984” written by George Orwell but just a small attempt to recall the essence of Writing.

Are we going to feel the same way as Winston felt in “1984”?.”The Thread or Fear”.Not the same way as him but the thread or fear of being vulnerable,exposed and ridiculed for our writing.If there is no fear of such,then what does Writing mean to us? When was the last time you wrote something other than list of grocery items?.Of course there are people who write journals and diaries regularly or occasionally but their numbers are very less comparatively.People are moving to digital journals and diaries leaving behind the benefits of analogs.

Mankind’s exponential growth can be attributed to set of special skills.Writing is one of the special skills that practically elevates the status of man to top the ecological pyramid .Even though lacking in strength,speed,stamina and adaptability ,man reigns over all other species on earth.All the species transfer knowledge through their data-filled DNA.So does human but he possess valuable means of recording and transferring technology to succeeding generations.Keeping the scientific benefits of writing apart,lets talk about the simple things about writing.

The sensation of pen resting on our middle finger while our thumb and index finger directing the pen to flow with words on the thick sheet of paper.Writing becomes more like prayer ,connecting us with something divine and bigger than us .Something we can’t describe in words but try to do it anyway.Never ever felt writing with a pen would bring such divine presence and unbound joy.

In deeper sense,I would say Writing is a form of meditation and exercise.Like traditional meditation(sitting posture & concentrated breathing),writing also helps you become conscious of your thoughts and surroundings.It also helps in contemplating the past,visualizing the future and being present in the moment.Writing,like physical exercise,builds your mental capabilities.Both exercising and writing requires regularity to see the physical and mental changes.

I urge the readers to do simple act of writing and feel the joy of childhood again.For those who hated writing in childhood,I ask you to reconsider your hate and resistance.Writing has created some histories and destroyed some.Let us write our own life histories.

For regular and aspiring writers,some books on writing:

  1. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
  2. Story Genius by Lisa Cron
  3. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
  4. Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury
  5. Bird by Bird -Anne Lamoutt.

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