Perfection and Balance!!


“Perfection is a myth”.Perfection can become a curse too.Like any other myth ,man’s wild imagination fills the cup with his longings and fear.A perfect society is a mythical place where there are well defined laws and unshakable order exist.Your thoughts are assorted,dreams arranged,words censored,actions filtered and silence accepted.Your walk and talk are observed.Your dress measured.You eating is monitored.The truths buried and lies crowned.Dissent prohibited and punishable.People may long for perfect society but they will hate to live in one even if it is an imaginary one.People search for the perfects in every part of their life.perfect dress,perfect home,perfect cars,perfect boyfriend/girlfriend,perfect husband/wife,perfect parents ,perfect son/daughter and so on and on.

This never ending Perfectionism destroys life like other -isms.How can relationships survive if you hate the imperfections in you and your loved ones? Balance is a another myth.People search for balance in everything they do .This is the reason why the words “Work-life balance” so synonymous with our present day lifestyle.

We try to accommodate everything and everyone: work, family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, fitness, entertainment and many more. You end-up with frustrations alone.

Trying to balance everything is like juggling n number of balls while standing on tightrope.Set your priorities in life.If you want a successful career,set it as your priority and go for it.If you want a happy family,set it as your highest priority and go for it.If you want a strong friendship,set it and go for it.No,don’t expect to get everything.You get things based on your priorities and time spend on it.You should definitely read the biographies of famous personalities.How they have chosen one thing over other.Some have really messed up as parents.They definitely did not try to balance everything in their life.

Perfection and balance never existed in our universe.These are illusions on which our lives are based.It may give a sense of purpose but its not worth to pursue.Lives are ruined because of these illusions.Thus Changing the base to more concrete values would definitely save the rest.Understanding and accepting imperfections and chaos are vital to the value based shifting of our lives.Values like love,freedom,truth and honesty are worth living for and dying for.

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