Krishna’s birth,life and teachings.


According to Hindu mythology,Lord Krishna ,the eighth avatar of Vishnu (one of three supreme gods of Hindu religion) was born on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha in the month of Bhadrapad .For approximately 1.2 billion of Hindu people around the globe ,today and tomorrow are very auspicious days.Lets celebrate lord Krishna’s 5247th birthday by following his preaching and life lessons.

  1. Do our duty without any expectation of rewards or punishments.Enjoy the process of doing than looking at the end result often.
  2. Always be humble of what we have and what we have achieved
  3. Respect the job we do and don’t demean its status as small or pride it as big.
  4. Know the value of sacrifice.Something in life has to be sacrificed to attain what we need or want.Let our mind be prepared to let go off things and person(s).
  5. Anger is one’s worst enemy.We should have control over it rather allowing it to control and cloud our judgement.Once our judgement of things and people are clouded .
  6. The place of our birth doesn’t define us completely.At any point on our life,we are given the ability to choose our path and destination(s).
  7. Know your enemy before we set foot in the battlefield.Sometimes the enemy is within us:our worst fears,insecurities,guilt,anger,jealousy,pride and self-doubt.
  8. We are mere vessel of the supreme consciousness.Don’t let ourselves carried away with our limited intelligence about the universe.

Krishna , Jesus , Mohammed , Buddha and all other avatars,prophets and saints around the world were born for one reason :mankind’s salvation from his worldly sins and misery.These great people and avatars tried to bring people out of their miserable life and guided to better peaceful living.But man’s nature or not ,he/she collectively or individually chooses the path of hatred or misery.We are worshiping these great people,prophets and avatars but forgetting their teachings and reason behind their birth .We follow the religious founded in their names blindly without understanding the meaning behind each of the preaching and rituals. Let us try to understand the birth of these wonderful people or prophets or avatars and incorporate their teachings in our life.

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