Etiquettes, Morals & Manners – added with Common Sense (Boon or Bane)!!!


To people not appreciating the dull bullish humour(subtle for poor jokes) – I’m Sorry!!

With modern society flourishing towards a progressive way of thinking, there is a notable plunge in the basic manners that has stuck on from generation to generation. This article is written not to point fingers at one for being or acting the way they did or do, nor do I want any controversy with the current or older generations. The purpose of this article is to inform and alert you of the basic behaviour that you may know or may not… This must act as a guiding light if you’re in the dark. I’m pretty much sure you get this gist…(wink) (wink). The result however of this post is to see a reform in the reader’s mindset on the manners/etiquette, alright read on. 

In a day where there is a need for originality & individuality. WAIT, we often mistake the understanding of these because we are too busy staying unique/original (oopsies). No issues, Guru to the rescue, Individuality is a term coined for people to reason it as an excuse to not follow the general rules of life/ or a particular flock (on a lighter note. When a leader/boss motivates you to be unique, understand this: there are too many people in his group so they motivate you to be individual because he can’t say ‘Get Out’) poor jokes aside: P, this personality trait is very essential in all reforms of life. But does being unique/original/individual mean, you abandon a part of your fundamentals, all the practices that have been taught/learnt right from your childhood (manners)???? Obviously, the answer is NOOOOOOOO!! Anyway, let’s get on with knowing all the etiquettes that are good for us to have

Manners, the word has a simple meaning – ‘way of behaving towards others’, there’s a second definition- ‘a way anything is done’. Whatever, the mannerism is a way of understanding that is common (or not so common, otherwise why’d I bother writing this) to all people. E.g. being polite is considered a good mannerism for all ages and across all geography. But the main meaning we will be focusing on today is a sub meaning of the first meaning – ‘social behaviour or habits’. Etiquette is an essential part of everyone who has a social life, wait NO, I do not mean Facebook or Instagram or snap chat or let’s just say I don’t mean ‘online’ social life (Breaking the bubble for some of us because we only have that, I feel you guys). By Social life, I mean & would include any and all places that are outside your home (I’m not saying you shouldn’t behave yourself at home, I do not want to have a word with your mum for you being a wild person at home because of this statement (wink)).

Let’s take a common scenario we are put in every day, A LIFT, you get on when the lift’s empty and at a certain floor between your destination floor the place is crowded, what do people do in their time & how do people respond when you have to get out at??, if I’m “guessing” right, every lift would have a person who’s on the phone, a group who just laugh loudly(these people make me feel sad i.e. I’ve no friends and I do not know to have fun), a creep staring at you so hard that you’d burn right away had he some powers(Pretty sure every girl would’ve gone through this once in their lifetime), a person who gets a call, picks it up, says “Hello, I’m in lift will call you later” and puts the phone aside, another person staring so deep into the screen of their phone that we think he’s lost it, then there is you silently absorbing these, standing in a corner waiting to get out, to breath fresh air, *heavenly door opens* floor ME has arrived, you say “Excuse me”, and then you’d see ignorance in some people, who pretty sure think you shouldn’t get out on this floor, unless you say “EXCUSE ME” again, there would be a few people who pretend to allow you getting off by clenching you know what, the people nearby door, ‘Hodors’(kidding) and still block some portion of door instead of making way(imagine having bodyguards open doors for you, but with less and sometime no space). Well, jogs your memory right 😊,  now, I am not saying they are animals from the wild, people sometimes(always) put their personal space up and above everyone else that they forget there is a common platform for all to exist. Now in an ideal life, there would be no ruckus in the lift, people would stay silent (not awkward silence, just quiet), there would still be a person deep into his screen and you still standing in a corner, when you want to get out, your place would be replaced by a person who needs space, ample amount of space provided for you with a red carpet laid, by everyone clapping hands on either side, cameras and you’re their *star*.. Woah that escalated quickly… but no, it would be people giving you space to walk out from the corner if necessary, by getting themselves out and not blocking the exit phew… this is a long para…

The Etiquettes are a form of common understanding for the people, by the people, to the people. It is not a bill passed by any government for some of us to follow and the rest saying, ‘I oppose them, so nope, never going to follow them’. Taking in consideration at every point in our life, it can be difficult for us to admit our faux pas, my suggestion, it’s best to not admit but correct them in private for there may be the next encounter.

Since I work in an open dev centre, I will be going into etiquettes that must be needed for us, whether it is arriving for work or to a meeting, being punctual means being five minutes early. Showing up late is simply disrespectful. It delivers the message to your co-workers that their time isn’t as important as yours. Just because another co-workers desk is within reach doesn’t mean is common space – treat it like a private office. Don’t just you can help yourself to anything that is on their desk, instead ask before borrowing anything or get your own supplies. Just as meetings need to start on time, they need to end on time as well. Make sure that you leave enough time for any questions before you run out of the time you’ve allocated. You don’t know what everyone has planned for the rest of the day, but it probably isn’t a plan to spend more than an hour in a meeting.

In conclusion, what matters the most is common courtesy and showing respect to people who you work or live or travel or share a certain space with.

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