Depression – A reality we should understand.


Well the recent times have been turbulent with a lot of negative news all around and that has affected people in a large way. At large it has affected the mental well being of people of all ages and all classes. It does not come as a surprise when people they say that they have not been feeling good. Well, this all boils down to one simple meaning that human beings are social animals and no amount of technology can replace that interaction.

People need social interaction to feel good, feel wanted and above all be recognized. So it does not come as a surprise then when you hear that people have committed suicide as they felt depressed. The feeling of being depressed is a state of mind which people find it difficult to come out of however hard they try. They need assistance from others to feel safe, secured and above all confident that yes they can come out of the state of mind that they are in.


As per WHO, more than 264 million people are affected by depression and causes around 800000 deaths a year due to suicide globally. Well to put it in nutshell it is the second most dangerous cause of deaths globally. Lithuania ,a former USSR country,has the highest suicidal ratio in the world. In Southeast Asian countries, Indian has the highest suicidal rate among her less developed neighbors.Depression can be caused due to various reasons starting from the silliest reason to being affected cause of a trauma or tragedy that a person has undergone. It purely is based on the mental strength of the particular human being and there are no bench marks for it.

A person in depression has immense mood swings, losses interests to those things that excite him/her in other times, they lose the interest to eat, and they keep cribbing about the same thing again and again. They see everything in a negative sense, they feel insecure about themselves, people around them and above all even those things otherwise they were feeling secured about. 


There are many types of treatment now for depression based on the intensity of the disorder. Few require just counselling, few need medication. Above all, they need the unflinching support of people whom they trust. They need the belief that they have people around and that they can face and come out successfully of any situation.

We at Arhaaths request everyone to be a sensitive towards others, trying to understand and react to people, to let go off one’s urge to react in anger, to help the depressed person come out of the situation. After all if we cannot do this bare minimum act, we can never claim to have lived a meaningful life.

Praying and doing things that make the world a better place for us and coming generations.

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