The Grape – A fruit for many benefits!!


“Health is wealth.Only a healthy mind and heart can create abundant Wealth”.


Are you a healthy persons?Do you want to live a long and healthy life? Want to spend less money and time on hospital bills? Our earth offers us the most powerful ingredient for the better and healthy living,Grape. Grape is berry fruit which grows in bunches and comes different colors (black,violet,red,green and white).Some of the questions that comes to mind while eating are;

1.When should i eat grape,before or after meal?

2. Is there any age-limit to eat grape?

3.What are the benefits of eating grape?

4.Which is the better way of consuming grape?

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Green Grapes

Lets get some answers to the questions:

1. When should i eat grape,before or after meal?

Grape can be eaten any time in a day.Researchers have found that eating grapes before or after meal is best time as it helps in increasing the metabolism in our body and helps in weight loss.

2. Is there any age-limit to eat grape?

Eating grapes doesn’t have any restriction on ages.From kids to old age people ,everyone can enjoy the health benefits of grapes.

3.What are the benefits of eating grape?

There are many number of benefits in eating grapes.We,people are more mind-centered than heart-centered in most occasion. Great many scholars have talked about heart-centered humanity using intellect side by side for the growth of human race.Well you may ask what does that have to do with eating grapes.Grapes may or may not change the course of human but it can definitely make the people’s heart and mind healthy. We humans on most occasion don’t do things if it does not benefit us.

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So looking into benefits is not bad things but an essential thing to live better. The important Five of the benefits of eating grapes are:

a)Healthy heart

b)Better Memory,Mood and Attention

c)Anti-ageing and longevity

d)Fight against Cancer cells and Diabetes

 e)Better Eye-sight

4.What are the better ways of consuming grape?

a)Fresh Grapes

b)Grape juice



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Fruits are better eaten freshly than fruit juice.The fresh fruit juice without white sugar and cold water is always better than the packed fruit juice sold in super-markets.In the same way,grapes are best eaten freshly than fruit juice with sugar.

Let us know if there are more benefits to eating grapes.

Feedback is always welcome.

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