All Lives Matter at the End!!


Don’t carry it with you. Don’t pass it or share it with others. Leave it as soon as possible. Take it with you when you die. It kills more lives than cancer. It kills you from inside. There is enough of it to kill two more generations. So please don’t give it next generations.


Hate his color, kill him.

Hate his food, kill him.

 Hate his speech, kill him.

 Hate his movie, kill him.

Hate his book, kill him.

Hate his dressing, kill him.

Hate his love, kill him.

Hate his riches, kill him.

Hate his knowledge, kill him.

Hate his faith, kill him.

What will make you to treat him as a fellow human being? How will you treat a human being?

Hate is negative.

Humanity should be enough to treat him with respect and dignity. Humanity is about the feeling and compassion for life that exist in everything around us. Show your human nature, not your animal nature. At the least, don’t show your animosity against life. Our animal instinct to fight or flight comes out of fear. Later this fear transforms into hatred of that particular feared things.

There are people who use this fear and hatred to obtain power, prestige and materialistic wealth. Above all, these elements divide people in the name of religion, race, colour, caste, language, culture and so on. It happens all around the world.


Within India, North Indian people hate Northeast Indian people. Likewise, the South Indian people hate North Indian people. There are various stories about fights and killings of neighboring states (Gujarat & Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka, Arunachal & Assam).Hate exists within states too(Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir Muslims & Pandits).It may seem news to someone outside Hate circle.

For people who are hated, it is life or death situation. They have to live in constant fear for their life and life of their loved ones. From India to America, France to Australia, Myanmar to Israel, No country in the world is exception to this. Each and every human life has value. This inherent value and our capabilities for good should be spread more than our capabilities of destruction.

All Lives Matter at the end.

Black lives matter, White lives matter, Muslim lives matter, Hindu lives matter, Jews lives matter, Palestinian lives matter and so on. Every single life on this planet matters. What does hate provide to these lives?  

Nothing. Nothing worth comes out of hate. It brings only destruction to lives and to our minds. Humans long have suffered, suffering and will continue to suffer because of hate. Hate will exist as long as love exist. Dualism is part of our creations and it never goes away. But it gives us a choose to love or hate. We can’t dream of removing hate from us without removing love.

These are opposite sides of same coin of life. A question arises “Can’t Law protect lives?” We know law is efficient and much needed for our civilization to sustain. But it can only bring order to some extend and the rest has to done by humans.

Our Prayer.

Hence, Self-evaluating our hate and consequences of it has to done on individual level. Every individual can do it but should have the strength to withhold pressure from peers and society. Moreover, Mob mentality affects even sane individuals. We have to resist the mob mentality of hate and support the people who stand for all lives.

A humble request from our team ArhaathS”Please don’t carry hate with you. Please don’t pass the hate to others or to your next generations. Please let go of all hatred before it consumes you , your family and society as whole”.

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