Cost impact of New Technologies Vs Health Impact of conventional Technology!

A nice article on how 3d Printing can help in combating pollution. From Navaritie. Visit for more.


Today, this Covid -19 situation has taught us a lesson. Survival is the primary goal of Human kind today. It’s beyond the economic impact or literacy gain, normal daily routine work of ours’s or social gathering and interactions .All of us worldwide are thinking of how to survive and this is also an individual thought process as only if we survive can we help our family, society, state, country and world! We wear masks to save ourselves not others.

Now this lesson has a moral too that when we are so concerned about our lives, shouldn’t we give some consideration or thought towards the future generations? Is life only about living, amassing for self and dying instead of leaving something valuable for the future generations?

So what’s that one thing which we should leave behind for the benefit of the future gen? Is it economy, infrastructure, Bank balance, Knowledge, values…

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