Life Lessons – An experience!!

“Be a Student throughout your life” – Unknown

This proverb summarizes our life. the proverb does not ask you to keep acquiring degrees,but look around, observe and adapt to various situations and conflicts!!

Life is the best teacher and we too have learned few of lessons from our experiences:

1.You make your life.
2.Universe does not revolve around you.
3.Life is not fair.
4.You will not get everything you ask for.
5.Nobody breaks your life.
6.Stop blaming others.
7.Don’t be too hard on yourself.
8.Find your values.
9.Experiment with your values.
10.Emotions are important.
11.Don’t avoid pain.
12.Regret is not going to change anything.
13.Keep moving.
14.You can’t help everybody.
15.Sometimes your life lesson sucks.
16.Walk your talk.
17.Align thoughts and words with your values.
18.Don’t argue with your wife.(For Men)
19.Ignorance is not bliss.
20.You can’t follow dead leaders.
21.Borrowing life lessons is okay.
22.Write your own life lessons.

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