“May I come in?” asked the memories❤

Part – 1

“May I come in?” asked the memories.
“Yes! “
When I was five …
I screamed and cried as if entering the hell,
Until the evenings, till the bell rung !
Saying “I’ll be around you”, my mom took me to the school,
She left me when I turned, made me a fool!
School was the most hated word,
As they Knocked sideways with the homework sword!
When I held it, I felt like a men,
Ah! It was the transition from pencil to the HERO pen!
Life in school seems more colourful, but only once a year,
When I think myself of wearing the colour dress and rejoicing that my birthday is near!
Hell was started feeling like a heaven,
When I was studying class seven!
In that age, I experienced the feeling of love,
and couldn’t able to find the reason till now,
anyway, it was wow!!
“May I go for break? ” asked the memories.
“Yes! “

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